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WilderWords: The Present Progressive Tense

My first WilderWords Video. I expect to get better at making these things.

The Present Progressive

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Introducing WilderWords

 I expect to get better at making the videos. The videos will also be archived under Wilderwords on Youtube. The written entries will still about my musings on the use -and misuse- of English.

Why a videoblog?

Living in Montreal is absolutely special, exceptionally wonderful, and horrifically challenging from a linguistic standpoint. For anglophones (native English-speakers like myself) the challenge is living in a city that is officially and functionally French. For francophones (native French-speakers) the challenge is adapting to a global environment that runs mostly in English. It is absolutely possible to run a successful business venture in Québec with no English at all. The problems start when companies grow and want to market outside the province.

I spend much of my time working with francophone businesspeople who need help with English, from writing and editing corporate documents to providing classes in Perfectionnement en Anglais for sales and management staff. For five years I ran a French-English Language Exchange Group here in the city. Along the way, I have learned quite a bit about the basic errors that occur when a person is thinking in French while speaking English, and that knowledge is the basis for these videos.

The videoblog is dedicated to helping everyone who wants to improve their English.


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