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Moving stuff around: bring, pass, take, get, (and fetch).

Bring, take, and get are verbs that be confusing for people who are learning English, even for students and businesspeople who are advanced English speakers. All three of these words are used to describe the action of moving something from one place to another. The decision on which of these words to use is based on the position of the speaker relative to the object to be moved.

When something is in the same place you are, and the object is coming to you, you should use bring:

If you are in your office, and your filing cabinet is also in your office, you might ask your assistant to “…bring me the Fillion file.” This means that you and the file are in the same place, and you are either a bit lazy, or very busy.

Thank you for bringing me to this restaurant. I love Chinese food.
I’ll bring the Fillion file to the meeting.
I’m bringing a quinoa salad to the pot luck dinner. (A pot luck dinner is a communal dinner, everyone brings a dish and everyone shares.)
I’m bringing an umbrella because I think it will rain.

The exception to this is when the person moving the object doesn’t actually have to move at all. Then use pass

Pass is almost always used at the dinner table.
Please pass me the salt.
Pass me the potatoes please.
But also Pass me the Fillion file please. It’s right next to you on the desk.

When you are moving the object from one place to another, you should use take.

I took the whole staff to the Chinese restaurant I like.
Johanne took her umbrella to the baseball game because she thought it would rain.

When you (or someone) is making a two-way trip, (they are going to a location and bringing something back), you use get

I am going to the cafeteria to get a sandwich.
Could you get some coffee at the market?
Can I get you the Fillion file, it’s in the other office?

Fetch means get. The two words are interchangeable. Fetch is much more British English than North American English. In addition, fetch is the word that we use when playing with a dog. A dog will fetch a stick if you throw it. I recommend that you stay away from fetch in a business context and just use get.

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